AI-Powered Math learning app

for Pre-K to Grade 9

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What does Mathpid teach?

From basic math to advanced level, Mathpid provides essential math topics for pre-K to Grade9

✔ counting, composing & decomposing numbers

✔ addtion, subtraction, mutiplication, division, fractions, decimals

✔ equations, factorization, square roots, proportion, functions, statistics

Who needs Mathpid?

Mathpid gives valuable solutions for both students and teachers.

For students

✔ Reduces unnecessary time for math learning

✔ Improves arithmetic skills efficiently through personalized learning

✔ Helps to build the right habit of studying on their own

For teachers

✔ Serves as a tangible example of the personalized learning

✔ Offers a NotePad function for convenience

✔ Useful for non-face-to-face classes

  • AI Diagnostic level test

    Powerful AI technology measures math status and create a course that is tailored to your math level.

  • Personalized learning course

    No more cookie-cutter training!

    Students get their own learning courses that find the exact area they need to improve on.

  • Instant feedback by AI tutor

    AI tutor instantly makes catches your weakness so that you can adjust mistakes while you're studying.

  • Step-by-Step explanation videos

    Every topic has step-by-step explanation lesson with short videos to make the concept clear.

  • Math camera

    Provides math solver immediately and similar questions whenever you're facing tricky math problems.

  • Handwriting enabled

    Offers notepad that you can write on screen, and AI recognizes hand-written problems as well.

  • Math games

    You can learn and play at the same time with fun math games.