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  • Professor K

    Join the fun as learners read engaging cartoons engaged with mathematical concepts that make math an enjoyable journey of discovery!

  • Brain Battle

    Get ready for the thrill of "Brain Battle" – a high-speed competition game you can play with friends or go solo! Soar through the sky in a rocket by nailing those math answers.

  • MathCraft

    You're Code Name D, aided by MiniThink, on the MathCraft ship! Slime monsters are attacking, and bullets won’t work! With your math skills and a special nitrogen gun, freeze them and win.


    A real-time multiplayer tagging game with friends!
    Solve exciting problems ,collect cool items, run away from the tagger, and save your friends—all while boosting your math skills!

    Penguin Rush

    Gear up for a delightful math journey with Penguin Rush. Join our lovable penguin in this AI-powered arithmetic game that blends festive cheer with educational challenges.

    Play Penguin Rush

    Genie's Math Farm

    Grow crops, personalize characters, and complete missions. Download now and experience the joy of math learning with Genie.

    Play Genie's Math Farm

    Go! Pilot

    Solve puzzles, get cool items, and pilot your plane to new heights. Today, you're the ace pilot in the vast sky – let's soar together!

    Play Go! Pilot

    Catch Block!

    Join the fun in "Catch Block"! You're at a mysterious temple, searching for treasure. But watch out, you have to beat many monsters to get the treasure!

    Play Catch Block!

    Thinkmon Friends

    Join the adorable adventure of "Thinkmon Friends" and rescue the ThinkWorld in crisis! Enjoy an advanced learning game with Mathpid AI for a perfect balance. Start nurturing your Thinkmon friends now!

    Play Thinkmon Friends