Over 40+ Years

Teaching students over 40+ years and Making optimized worksheet & learning tools, We want to share our experience more effectivly toworld-wide parents and students. Our core value is “love and help students who will build our new world”

With 300+ Tutors & Experts

While discussion with 300+ teachers and tutors, we found core learning points and pain-points of many students and parents faced during learning experiences. We want to help them reduce trial & error during learning math,keeping them fun, self-motivated with high score/grades

So, we decided to make our app “Mathpid” for all students with group of parents, teachers, tutors and experts to consider
comprehensive aspect of learning regardless of countries and languages.

Through Disscussing frequently with the group of parents who were struggling to help their children with math. That aspired us to make app more smart & helpful.

At the same time, We committed to creat quality contents that advances math skills by advised with Sillicon-Valley and Child psychology experts. By using more than 50 bilion data points & AI algorithms to precisely analyze the characteristics of each learner and configure and deliver personalized, optimal learning according to their level.

We ensure that learners are presented with learning tasks that are achievable thtough their own efforts with fun & interesting experiences