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AI-powered Math Learning Solution Designed for Pre-K to Grade 9!

Tailored for learners around the world!

  • AI Level test

    With just 10 problems, our AI dives deep to diagnose with over 95% accuracy and reveal your math proficiency!

  • My class

    Immerse yourself in a personalized learning journey tailored just for you, offering the attention of a 1:1 tutor

  • Real-time Suggestions

    Mathpid's AI instantly identifies and suggests related problems, ensuring you get comprehensive practice

  • Step-by-Step Explanation Videos

    Navigate math with ease! Bite-sized video lessons break down complex problems for effortless understanding

  • Hands-On Worksheet Workouts

    Sharpen your skills with hands-on worksheet training, curated for comprehensive mastery.

  • Story Math Adventure

    Dive into entertaining math cartoons and you'll fall in love with math.
    Coming Soon (Beta Test in Progress)

  • Math Camera

    Facing a math hurdle? Handwrite or snap it, and our AI swiftly deciphers and solves for you!

  • Step-by-Step Explanation Videos

    Afterwards, immerse in bite-sized videos. Beyond just answers, truly understand and internalize the math behind it!

  • Similar Problems

    Want extended practice? Our AI swiftly suggests similar problems!

  • Performance Reports

    Our AI doesn't just analyze; it pinpoints. Get razor-sharp insights into students' strengths and areas for growth

  • Math power

    Experience live visualization of student progress for tailor-made guidance

  • LMS Customization

    Your curriculum, your rules. Design bespoke learning pathways with Mathpid's LMS

Gamification: Ranking

Unleash the competitive spirit! You can challenge yourself for the top spots in real-time global rankings